Romney’s VP Ryan appears in documentary As Goes Janesville footage

Paul Ryan speaks about health care reform

Paul Ryan in As Goes Janesville footage telling Janesville residents that Obamacare is a disaster.

Who knew when we started filming As Goes Janesville in 2009 that Paul Ryan would become the GOP’s VP candidate? I interviewed Paul two times and filmed many of his town halls in Wisconsin – including some very feisty ones. Personally, I’m surprised that Paul said yes since he told me on several occasions that he did not want to live the life of a full-time DC resident, but I guess duty calls. He’s an interesting pick, a serious conservative and wonk who has Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and Yoshihiro Fukuyama’s treatises on his desk in DC. He was relaxed and open with me during our interviews, but his town halls were doomsday affairs with charts and graphs projected on the high school screen that declared a budget emergency that required the reduction of social security and ending medicare as we know it. While Paul did not make the final cut of our film, you can bet it is time now to go back through the footage and see what’s there. Wow….As Goes Janesville, so goes America….indeed!

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