Outreach and Engagement

We know from experience that broadcasting on public television and showing at festivals, while powerful, is not sufficient to maximize the full potential impact of the extraordinary opportunity presented by the release of a major feature documentary such as ours. To maximize impact, we must reach out to diverse audiences, partner with community organizations, leverage events for press/blog attention, and share our film across social networks.

For this reason, we are seeking funds to support 75 major outreach and community engagement events across the nation. We want to not only screen our film in other towns like Janesville but, also, to bring community leaders together. Each screening will be followed by a panel discussion with the filmmakers, subjects from the film, and members of the community. We want to use the film to bring people together across political/ideological divides and help them to discover common interests and values that can lead to cooperation. What can be done in your town to get people back to work?

Every contribution will ensure the story of As Goes Janesville reaches as many people as possible.