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Katie Drew from Chicago Union News interviews Brad about making As Goes Janesville from casting choices, the film’s message and interviewing Representative Paul Ryan. Click here to full interview with Brad. (November 5, 2012).

Battleship Pretension reviews the film calling it, “one of those lighting-in-a-bottle type of documentaries that start with a particular vision and then stumble upon an incredible moment in time.” Read the complete review here. (October 31, 2012).

Brad stops by CNN to with Soledad O’Brien and Mayor Cory Booker how As Goes Janesville captures personal stories of our nation’s economic struggles. You can watch the that clip here.  (October 26, 2012).

Steamboat Springs, Colorado hosted a screening of As Goes Janesville as part of Community Cinema. The Steamboat Today makes some intriguing comparisons between Janesville and Steamboat Springs. The full article can be accessed here. (October 22, 2012).

As Goes Janesville co-producer Nicole Docta talks with the Daily Nebraskan about Cindy Deegan’s story line and Janesville’s economic recovery. Read the complete article here. (October 19, 2012).

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