Vernon Reid

Vernon Reid, composer and music arranger for As Goes Janesville

Vernon Reid, composer and music arranger for As Goes Janesville

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  1. Dear Mr. Rashkin,It is well known that the Gagzette does not write much worthy of the title of jrnsualiom, so I hope you do not take their aggressive stupidity to heart!One thing, as a political scientist, that I will note regarding local government: for whatever reason, most local governments in this country are “non-partisan” as far as politics are concerned. However, if you compare us to most/all of Europe, city gov’ts there are all partisan. For instance, consider a former German chancellor, Willy Brandt. He was the mayor of (West-) Berlin before ever being elected to Chancellor of the Federal Republic (“West” Germany at the time) and he was in the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany), having joined in 1930. The current mayor of London, one Boris Johnson, is a member of the Conservatives. Admittedly, these are two large city examples. However, the city of Giedfen, where I recently studied for a semester, also has an SPD mayor and that city is only a few thousand people larger than Janesville. The point is, from a comparativist perspective, partisan local gov’t is nothing new in the world, nor is it destructive. Bring this up the next time the Gagzette or some other fool makes such a baseless attack on you.I am currently a student at UWO and our state senator up here, Ms. Jessica King, previously ran an unsuccessful senate campaign in 2008, before winning the 2011 recall election. After this 2008 race, she was on the Oshkosh Common Council, despite being a known Democrat due to her senate campaign. Again, Oshkosh did not burn to the ground. Point this out to the Gagzette.I intend to be living in Milwaukee for my graduate studies by November, so I will likely vote there rather than in Janesville (where my parents live, and thus my permanent residence currently is), but I look forward to addressing you as Assemblyman Rashkin next year! Remain objective, present your message clearly and honestly, and best of luck defeating Knilans!Peace,~Andreas

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