A great showing at our “Sneak Peek”

Last night tickets were sold out for a presentation, discussion and “sneak peek” at As Goes Janesville. See all the event photos on our Facebook page.

Brad speaking at the sneak peek.

"The point of the film is to bring people together at a very polarizing time and get folks talking about some very important issues. I hope that's what it accomplishes."

Please join us in thanking our event sponsors:

VIP Sponsors
Stacy Herzing
Ellen & Seth Dizard
Sachin Chheda & Angela McManaman
Chris Rockwood
Thad Nation
David & Jill Hekman
Michael Rosen

Tammy & Joe Bockhorst
Jasmine Alinder & Aims McGuinness
Christina Clancy
James Effenheim
Margo Anderson
Tom & Sally Basting