One thought on “As Goes Janesville Press Kit

  1. First and foremost let me say that I saw that hianlede in the newspaper and thought it a bit ludicrous. Everyone has a political bend one way or another regardless of their “position” in the community. My thought was “Why shouldn’t they have a political opinion? I do. I’m sure the writer does. Sure there are bound to be occasional places where “party” opinions can affect the City decisions before the Council, but that’s going to be rare because sidewalks (to use your example) aren’t going to fall across democrat or republican lines to begin with!” Second, I just have to say I find it amusing that the 3 responses are all posted by “anonymous.” What does it say about our society when someone can’t or won’t expose their identity even when they are in support of something.Last, Yuri I don’t know for sure if I would agree with your political beliefs and what you feel strongly enough about to fight for, but I’m pretty sure I don’t care right now. What I care about is that YOU care about this City and truly want what you believe is best for it. What *I* care about is that YOU are willing to take on the commitment it is and spend the money it takes to be on the City Council or whatever other offices you seek. Now . if you run for something higher than “party” opinions will affect more, then I’ll figure out how much I agree with you. For now I am grateful for your service. And, more than a bit irritated that the article was written without any effort to contact you for a response.

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